The goal of our genetic testing is twofold: to improve people's quality of life and to identify predisposing factors in order to develop prevention strategies.

With Dna Solutions genetics tests you will be able to:


Know which foods are best suited to your genetic profile and which, instead, should be excluded or limited.


Adjust your diet and lifestyle to prevent many of today's prevalent diseases (hearts, bones, metabolics).

Customize your workout to obtain better results with less effort and to not harm your body. 

How are working the Dna Solutions genetic Tests

Our scientific experts have defined 3 types of genetic tests:
the Nutrigene, the Nutrigene Plus and the FITSolutions Plus.

Visit the product sheets of the 3 tests, select the one that best satisfies your curiosity, place your order and wait for the kit at home!
The test is very simple and non-invasive, since it can be performed at home, by yourself, on a sample of saliva and buccal cells and then sent to our laboratories.


Wich kind of genes do our tests analyze?

Recent scientific researches have brought to light very important correlations between environmental factors, different variants of the same gene and:

  • a different sensitivity to certain foods
  • different micronutrient requirements to stay healthy and to prevent
  • a different predisposition to some metabolic imbalances or to some cardiovascular and bone diseases
  • individual skin health and bone antioxidant capacity
  • a different response to physical activity, including the ability and speed of recovery after effort.

The DNA solutions method, developed by our scientific consultant Keith Anthony GrimaldiPhd and our international geneticists, consists of an extremely accurate analysis of a series of genes - specifically indicated in each type of test - that have been shown to affect people's health.
The analysis and results we provide, therefore, are based only on scientific literature and objective, measurable scientific data (see "Scientific basis only. This is how we selected the genes for analysis") 

Your health ID card

Genetics and the study of DNA continues to open up new perspectives in the fields of medicine, wellness and prevention.
Today, anyone can access specific and valuable information about their body by taking a genetic test.
Genetic tests, in fact, analyzes certain DNA sequences - genes - that contain instructions for making proteins that will then perform particular functions. Despite the near-identical genetics of all humans, we differ from one another precisely by small variations in genes. - genes - that contain instructions for making proteins that will then perform particular functions. Despite the near-identical genetics of all humans, we differ from one another precisely by small variations in genes.
Some genetic characteristics can be inferred from certain gene variants that can affect a person's health and, therefore, adopt science-based strategies to improve well-being and targeted prevention.
The tests we offer are aimed at exactly that.


The report: not just data, but personalized action plans

Due to our advanced methodologies, the report will arrive via e-mail after 2 weeks; it is a file containing results:

1. Trustworthy and not valued.
2. Quantitative and not qualitative
3. Customized and not generic
4. Readable and understandable by anyone, not just genetics experts.

Our tests are UNIQUE because, in addition to the analysis of your genes, they offer an assessment of your lifestyle, which allows you to define personalized action plans for effective prevention.

Are you curious to see what the report looks like? We've put some examples below!

Keith Anthony Grimaldi Phd

Graduated in Biochemistry and PhD in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, he has devoted himself to the study and genetic research in oncology and metabolic diseases. Internationally renowned geneticist, he has published numerous papers in scientific journals of high reliability.
In addition, he was the lead developer of the world's first nutrigenetic tests for Sciona Ltd. and is scientific director for the European Union-funded Eurogene project.

Since 2009, he has been working in Rome as director of research and development at the De Sanctis laboratory. As scientific advisor of DNA Solutions, he is a valuable resource for us thanks to his experience, insights, dedication and foresight. It is thanks to Professor Grimaldi and his team of scientific advisors that we can proudly say we offer reliable, proven-effective, cutting-edge genetic testing.


Scientific basis only. Here's how we selected the genes for analysis

The genes to be analyzed in our tests are scrupulously selected with scientific criteria; they must have common variants in the population, an evident correlation with the environment and a known possibility of intervention through lifestyle modification (such as diet or sports activity).

The search for these requirements, is done through a scrupulous analysis of the international scientific literature, taking into account both the relevance of the journal in which the data are published and the statistical significance of the data reported, such as the number of cases on which the study was conducted. Finally, the data must be confirmed on a minimum of three independent studies with concordant results.

DNA Solutions: cutting-edge solutions for preventive healthcare

Studying scientific discoveries and putting them at the service of people, offering them targeted and personalized solutions, is our daily mission. "Health" is not only a state without disease, but a condition of global well-being.
We are experienced and specialize exclusively in cutting-edge health and prevention solutions.

DNA Solutions' NUTRIGENE genetic test analyzes 28 genetic variants regarding an individual's food sensitivities and nutritional needs.


DNA Solutions' NUTRIgene PLUS genetic test analyzes 45 genetic variants that address: food sensitivities and nutritional needs, prevention of certain diseases, and weight control.


The FITsolutions PLUS genetic test from Dna Solutions, analyzes 20 genetic variants that have a direct effect on several important aspects of physical activity...