"Live better today to be better tomorrow" is our credo.

We are a team of people with the goal of bringing our skills and experiences in the fields of genetics, dietary supplementation and nutraceuticals to serve people, to promote wellness and help prevention.

Specifically, we focus on:

anti-aging, detoxification, basification, immune enhancement, disinflammation, weight control, counteracting joint pain, controlling plasma cholesterol levels and cardiovascular system wellness.

For this, we offer a range of supplements, meal replacements and snacks with physiological function and 3 types of genetic testing that can help you improve your diet and lifestyle based on your DNA.

References and quality

Our company has the Organic Certification and is associated with FederSalus, the association of Confindustria that brings together the main producers of food supplements and is the main reference for institutional and commercial organizations operating in the sector.

Our team includes one of the world's top geneticists Professor Keith Anthony Grimaldi.

A world-renowned scientist, Grimaldi is a key figure in the field of genetic research today. He is charged by the European Union with the largest and most important genetic research project in Europe.

"Quality" for us also means:


Study the scientific literature and select the most reliable sources, to offer only the really good productsingradienti.jpgSelect the best ingredients, with certified origin (and organic, when possible)

Choosing the best Italian production laboratories, to guarantee a high and constant standard


Create formulations with dosages that are safe but effective at the same time.

Nutrigenomics and nutraceutics are our areas of specialization; making them known to people so they can enjoy all the benefits is our mission.