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Honey Lemon - Prod.Biologic Cert.Conf. n° IT BIO 006 B959

Product made with organic Italian honey and concentrated organic lemon juice.


CONTENT: 240 ml

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Product based on organic Italian honey and concentrated organic lemon juice.

Honey Lemon is designed to give your water an irresistible flavor and numerous beneficial properties. The freshness of lemon, combined with the enveloping sweetness of honey, makes the drink pleasant in every season.

Honey Lemon is the ally of the whole family to hydrate at any time, in a healthy way and with a lot of taste!


CONTENT: 240 ml

Directions: To obtain a tasty drink, dissolve 1 or 2 teaspoons of product in hot or cold water.

Many people already resort to a glass of lukewarm water and lemon on an empty stomach, but this habit, in the long run, can lead to the erosion of dental enamel. Moreover, lemon alone does not have all the beneficial properties it would have if it were combined with honey, a very precious food for health.
We have therefore chosen to create a single product, versatile, practical and healthy, with these two natural and organic ingredients. Perfect for adding to water at any time and bringing the benefits of both ingredients to all families.


Wildflower Honey

Honey is rich in minerals and antioxidants and, from a nutritional point of view, wildflower honey is the richest and most complete. Small doses of honey, taken daily, have been shown to have important properties for health and well-being including: improvement of the well-being of stomach and intestine with particular effectiveness in states of constipation; reduction of symptoms of seasonal allergies; improvement of flu symptoms; reduction of inflammation; improvement of the appearance of skin and hair; purification of the liver.


The Lemon

Lemon is a precious source of vitamins, in particular of vitamin C: 100 grams of fresh lemon contain 40 mg of vitamin C. For its high content of vitamin C, lemon is known as a natural antioxidant and it is an ally in the prevention and treatment of flu symptoms, in the prevention of scurvy and in the treatment of hemorrhagic manifestations (epistaxis, gastroraggie, enteroraggie, hematurie).


A daily supplement of honey and lemon has the advantage of:

  • help to fight bronchial and pulmonary affections, chronic cough, hypersecretion of mucus common disorders such as sore throat and cold;
  • help to fight constipation: contrary to what people think, drinking water, honey and lemon on an empty stomach helps to fight constipation by favoring the hydration of the colon with consequent stimulation of evacuation;
  • facilitate digestion: lemon stimulates gastro hepatic and pancreatic secretions, promoting the digestion of complex foods. Moreover it acts as an antacid and therefore it is useful in dyspepsia. To this are added the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, which protects from possible intestinal infections that can disturb digestion or compromise the absorption of nutrients.
  • help reduce blood hyperviscosity and increase vascular protection factors.
  • promote healthy weight: lemon contains pectin which promotes the sense of satiety and therefore reduces appetite.
    Moreover it regularizes the metabolism by influencing the endocrine glands and stimulates diuresis.
  • help purify the lymphatic system; a stagnant lymphatic system can cause constipation, sleep disorders, high or low blood pressure, stress, etc... 
  • give brightness to the skin and maintain the youthfulness of cells: lemon and honey purify the blood promoting the production of new cells
  • increase defenses: lemon acts as an activator of white blood cells responsible for the body's defenses. It acts as a contrast to free radicals.

Organic Italian honey 80%, concentrated organic lemon juice 20%.


Energia  306 kcal
1302 kj
(di cui acidi grassi saturi)
0 g
0 g
(di cui zuccheri)
76 g
64 g
Proteine 0,6 g
Sale 0 g


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